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Pasture Disc Drill


The John Shearer Pasture Disc Drill is engineered to give consistent performance over many years and is suitable for sowing into light or heavy soils. It is an ideal drill for adding new life to your property and pastures by increasing carrying capacity and improving productivity.

The Pasture Disc Drill is available in four (4) sizes: 10 row - 1.8m (5'10") , 13 row - 2.3m (7'8") , 16 row - 2.9m (9'6") and 19 row - 3.4m 11'3") and as a 3 point linkage or trailed machine.

The single disc/boot assemblies cut a narrow slot into which seed and fertilizer is sown with minimal disturbance to the soil surface. The breast cut of the discs is adjustable to vary the width of the sowing slot and each stump jump disc assembly is spring adjustable, with the option of double springs if required for sowing into heavier conditions.

Disc seeding maintains soil firmness that would be lost in a prepared seed bed and is a once over economical operation.

Remember when you invest in a John Shearer Drill, you invest in strength, reliability and in an implement that really holds its value year after year.


  • Strong sturdy construction and robust design
  • Individually mounted, convenient clamp-on design, spring adjustable single disc assemblies
  • High carbon steel discs run on fully sealed ball race bearings with auxiliary seals.
  • Discs are less prone to block up and catch on crop residue.
  • Wide lead between rows for additional trash clearance.
  • Simple sowing rate adjustment, via 'wide range' gearbox.
  • Easy to calibrate the sowing rates.
  • Extra large grain & fertilizer compartments.
  • Adjustable depth control and high flotation tyres.
  • Sowing distributors & rubber gates, mounted on aluminium shafts.
  • Fluted distributors can handle very small to large seeds.
  • Remote greasing facility for grain & fertilizer shaft bearings.
  • In cab electronic hectaremeter.
  • Handrail & steps are standard on all sizes
  • Extra large sight glass and lid gas struts on hopper.
  • Available in either 3 point linkage or trailing.

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For more information contact Craig Webster 082 450 4281